Our steps towards an equal and sustainable future

Our precious winters are melting and people is still suffering from terrible working conditions

So, What do we do for the environment and people!?

Since we are a small business we have had a hard time affecting big bucks like suppliers and producers.

Therefor we choose to compensate in any possible way we can, mostly through different cooperations with business we support and belive in.


* Winter 2017 we cooperated with our friends POW Sweden, protect our winters. POWs is a passionate crew of diehards, professional athletes and industry brands mobilizing the outdoor sports community to lead the charge towards positive climate action. 3Ejones donated 10 SEK to POW  for every beanie with a snowflake.

* Our vision for winter season 2019 with a beanie collection of only recycled fabric is fullfilled!


* Since 2015 we started a project in Uganda together with The fortress, a safe home for pragnant teenagers in Kampala. Our vision with the project is to create a way for the young mothers to earn a living by producing our crochet beanies.. We hope to get a new delivery soon, stay tuned!

* In January 2016 a group of people climbed Kilimanjaro in favor to  raise money to the Activis fund. A fund  that  provide financial support for children with special needs and their rights to  participate  in sports, with the goal to feel better, live a little healthier and meet friends. 3E made a special designed beanie for this project where we donated 80 SEK for every sold gear.

*In 2015 we donated 30 special designed beanies to "Nätverk mot Gynekologisk cancer", to be a part of raising money to the gynecological cancer research, This winter, 17/18, we continue with a cooperation and together design two new beanies, sold directly on their website.