E & E & E

3E Jones is a company founded 2014 by two sisters based in Göteborg, Emelie & Ellenor Jones.

The story of 3Ejones begins with an undescribable love for skiing, sailing, nature, adventures and simply.. the love of just having fun, which led to the colorful idea of founding a company that is all about those things. With the vision to put some color on people, it all came down to our handmade colorful beanies.

Inspired by people we met and experiences we gained, both during our time we spent in the alps but also by the beautiful West Coast of Sweden 3Ejones began to develop . Behind every name of our beanies there´s a great story or a lovely person that has a special place in our hearts.

The name 3Ejones is a collective name for three sisters, three best friends and now also this company.  The last E is the oldest sister, Emma, she might not be a part of this company but she is our biggest inspiration and she is doing the hardest work by raising our little skrutts, and making us the proudest aunties in the world.

Have a happy one,

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